Investment Process

Isadore sees a business, most investors see a stock price.

Isadore has a simple objective, to compound our capital at high rates of return over long periods of time, focused on our client's objectives and tolerance for volatility.

To do this we focus our investment process on designing a portfolio of investments in above average businesses or opportunities, at undervalued prices, creating a margin of safety.

Filtering Process

To achieve our objective every investment goes through a series of questions to determine if it should be included in our portfolio. The four areas focus on the business itself; management, financial qualities, and market price. Below are a couple of questions asked in each area:


1. Is the business simple and understandable?

2. Does the business have a consistent operating history and favorable long-term prospects?


1. Is management rational?

2. Are they candid with shareholders?

Financial Qualities

1. Does the company have high returns on invested capital?

2. Does the company have/had high profit margins?

Market Price

1. What is the "intrinsic" value of the business?

2. Can the business be purchased at a significant discount to its value, creating a margin of safety?


Financial Planning

For individuals looking to find answers to life's "what if" questions, Isadore provides Financial Planning tailored for your specific concerns.


Questions like, "Will I have enough retirement income?" or "What if inflation rises faster than expected, will I be ok?" are answered by taking these what if concerns into consideration and stress-testing your financial plan against them. This gives our clients the clarity and the peace of mind they need so they are prepared if the unexpected happens.